Prince’s Childhood Best Friend Reveals Things We Never Knew About Prince

Posted On : April 29, 2016

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For those who are die-hard prince fans, you may remember Prince’s childhood best friend and former band member, Andre Cymone. Andre and Prince started out together in music and Prince even lived with Andre and his family for years as a teenager. That was way back before the fame and they remained friends ’til Prince’s last day. In fact, Andre talked to Prince soon after Prince made that emergency medical landing 5 days before his untimely death. Andre has been away from the spotlight for a while, but he recently spoke with Billboard to give Prince’s fans a very touching and detailed glimpse into the interesting things they never knew about the Purple One. Check out Andre Cymone’s Billboard interview excerpts below…


WHAT HAPPENED WHEN HE WENT TO PRINCE'S RECENT SHOW So we go to the show. Maya Rudolph and all kinds of people were there. I’m given a cool spot to hang out in. Prince was always super cool when I came to his shows. For one show, he even gave me my own dressing room even though I wasn’t playing. He heard I was coming and put my name on one of the dressing rooms. For this particular show, he has a guy come and take me to his dressing room. We sat there and talked for a while. He asked me how things were going; I told him about my kids and all that stuff. I told him maybe he should come out to L.A. and live there for a while. He’s like, "No way." We chitchat for a while and he asked me where I wanted to sit -- either by the sound booth or on a couch by the stage. So the show gets ready to start and a guy escorts me, my manager and wife to the couch. And it turns out the couch is literally on the stage; I’m like 2-3 feet away from the guitar player. I remember my wife saying, "I can see the crowd. And if I can see the crowd, the crowd can probably see me" [laughs]. Sitting there was unbelievable. The show was just beyond-belief fantastic. Then as Prince would do, because he knew I would leave early as I usually don’t like to hang around too long, he had a guy come get me and take me to the other side of the stage. Prince is like, "Come on the stage." I think he was doing “Housequake” and playing the piano. I go out on stage thinking he’s going to give me a guitar, bass or something. Instead I go onstage and I’m just standing next to him while he’s playing. He’s talking me, telling me about the next chord he’s going to hit. Like, "Check out this one." I’m standing out here looking like Lurch, wondering why am I here. He’s just got me standing there next to him mostly because he didn’t want me to leave. It was the last song. Right after that, he says, "I want you to meet my band." So I wind up meeting the band. He tells everybody, "Hey, this is my first bass player." I’m like, "Yeah and this is my first guitar player" [laughs]. Anyway, that was the last time I saw him perform. It wasn’t that long ago. Maybe not last year but maybe the year before? I think that’s the last time I actually saw him. We had a great time. We drank a bottle of Cristal and he introduced me to all the people around. We hung out for awhile.  

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Source: Billboard Magazine

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