Prince’s Childhood Best Friend Reveals Things We Never Knew About Prince

Posted On : April 29, 2016

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For those who are die-hard prince fans, you may remember Prince’s childhood best friend and former band member, Andre Cymone. Andre and Prince started out together in music and Prince even lived with Andre and his family for years as a teenager. That was way back before the fame and they remained friends ’til Prince’s last day. In fact, Andre talked to Prince soon after Prince made that emergency medical landing 5 days before his untimely death. Andre has been away from the spotlight for a while, but he recently spoke with Billboard to give Prince’s fans a very touching and detailed glimpse into the interesting things they never knew about the Purple One. Check out Andre Cymone’s Billboard interview excerpts below…


ANDRE EXPLAINS JUST HOW TIGHT HE AND PRINCE WERE Prince and I were very dedicated, both very passionate. That was one of things right away that drew me to him. He had the same passion. He wanted it as bad as I wanted it. I knew other musicians but no one ever really took it all that serious. I was deadly serious. Anybody who would listen to me, I’d tell them I’m going to be a star one day. Michael Jackson, I wanted to challenge him and the Jackson 5 to a duel. I was very aggressive; it’s hard for me to put in any other way. I was very cocky and confident. I practiced all the time.

There was a sixth sense between the two us, absolutely. When you find somebody else who has the same passion, drive and competence, especially at that age because you’re going through all kinds of stuff like girls -- this is what we both were meant to do. It’s something that doesn’t happen, I don’t think, very often where you find two people come together who are really passionate about what they do at a time when they’re both growing and learning while still trying to find a way to make that a reality. I played a lot. He played a lot. When he moved in, we’d sit in the kitchen and just play. We spent literally hours and hours doing that. It really is no accident when I think about how things eventually evolved. When you practice and play as much as we did and are as dedicated, you reap the rewards that can bring you.

We literally saw each other every day for maybe 4-5 years straight before all the fame. When you have that kind of a closeness, you kind of know what the other person is thinking without even having to speak. And when you start talking about music, it’s the same thing. There are gigs and pictures where I’m playing the bottom end of the bass and he’s playing the finger board; that doesn’t really work unless you’re really on the same page.

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Source: Billboard Magazine

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