10 Family Members Who ALWAYS Show Up To A Soul Thanksgiving

Posted On : November 27, 2014

We all know that EVERY year we have those same family members who show up to our house acting like they haven’t been outside in ages…LOL…but we still love ’em.

Here is a list of 10 types of relatives who always seem to make their presence known, or outright turn up (as they say nowadays) when they step foot across your door seal on Thanksgiving day.




The Grandmother who can’t stop praying.
grandmother praying
The Grandfather who still thinks he’s a youngin.’
grandfather young buck
The Grandmother who’s always talking about gas problems or her current bowel movement activity.
grandmother gas problems
The uncle who is always looking to take Thanksgiving to another level.
Fred Sanford weed smoking

The drunk uncle.
Raymond Allen a.k.a. "Ned the Wino" on Good times
The rich cousin who constantly reminds everyone else how broke they are.
sweet daddy
The rapping relative.
gucci mane
The feuding cousins.
The Auntie with the deadbeat boyfriend that everyone wants to beat up.
auntie deadbeat boyfriend
The cousin who brings a new hater friend every year.
new friend
The scamming uncle.
richad pryor

HAPPY THANKSGIVING ILoveOldSchoolMusic Family!!!!