50 Cent Demands Even More Money In New Legal Claim, After Teairra Mari’s Latest Hiccup

Posted On : June 23, 2019

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Another day, another struggle for Teairra Mari- a pattern she unfortunately seems to be having a lot of lately. On the same day that Teairra was arrested in supposedly a drunken stupor, her archenemy, 50 Cent went after her in court….again. Bottom line is, dude wants his money, and he wants it NOW. Only prob’ is…it doesn’t look like Teairra’s got it. That brings us to their latest court fiasco.

50 Cent Files New Legal Claim Against Teairra…

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It’s now being reported that 50 Cent has headed back to court to ask the judge to tag on a nearly $5000.00 payment, in addition to the $30,000.00 payment that Teairra has missed. In fact, the exact amount Fif’ is seeking in sanction fees has reached an comically epic petty level- $4,842…and 50 cents:

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, [50 Cent] is accusing Marí of failing to turn over certain bank account numbers and driver’s license information. He explains he needs the information to continue his hunt to collect on the $30,000 she already owes him.

The rapper says Mari failed to provide the answers by the deadline. As a result, he wants the judge to sanction her to the tune of $4,842.50.

This comes after Teairra Mari’s equally petty payment to 50 just a few weeks ago when she spent $5 to wire transfer a $0.50 payment to him.

Teairra May Be Stressed Out From 50’s Demands…At Least Based On Her Latest Struggle>>>