50 Cent Demands Even More Money In New Legal Claim, After Teairra Mari’s Latest Hiccup

Posted On : June 23, 2019

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As y’all already know, 50 Cent recently won a judgement in his favor, after Teairra filed a lawsuit against him and her ex-boyfriend, claiming they’d released a revenge porn video of her online. Turns out, they were found not guilty and her ex later alleged it was Teairra who actually leaked the video, presumably for a fresh storyline for the then upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop.

After losing her courtroom battle to 50, Teairra was ordered to pay 50 Cent $30K for defamation of character. Ever since then, he’s been on a mission to collect his debt and she’s been on a public mission to prove she ‘ain’t got it,’ with her “I ain’t got it” campaign.


Is The Stress Getting To Her?
Fast forward to now, and Teairra appears to be struggling with alcohol issues again, after being arrested for a DWI on Saturday, June 22, 2019, where she’s remaining in police custody until her arraignment hearing.

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At this point, it’s unclear if the stress over 50 Cent’s $30K (+the additional $4,842.50) has re-sparked her past alcohol abuse, but nevertheless, 50 wants his money ASAP.

Teairra was also forced to attend a hearing at the request of 50, to review her financial situation. She told the judge she’s “broke broke” and cannot pay $30K to Fif.’ However, 50 believes she’s lying through her teeth. Not only did he say so on Instagram, but he’s continuing to think up crafty ways to collect his paper from Teairra. Matter of fact, he went as far as having her served legal papers at the airport.

Dayumn! Fif’ does NOT play about his money. Unfortunately, Teairra is learning that lesson the hard way.