Aaron Hall’s Brother Makes Major Money As A Prosperous Pastor Who Shows Out In The Pulpit

Posted On : July 18, 2019

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If you know 80’s R&B, then you’re definitely familiar Guy. Not only did they have us vibin’ to hits like, “Groove Me” back in the day, but to this very day the lasting debate over whether or not Aaron Hall really did say “dumb b*tch” in “Piece of My Love,” is still up for discussion.

Although we, Guy fans, are accustomed to the group singing about love and sexin’ up the ladies, Aaron and Damion Hall’s brother chose a totally different route from his R&B siblings.

Todd M. Hall is a pastor- and a well known one at that. He is listed as the Chief Apostle at Shabach Ministries of Praise, Inc., which his website says serves as a blueprint and guideline to many of the growing extended ministries” known as The Sabach Nation,  under the direction of Dr. Hall. Here more of his accomplishments:

Via shabachministries: In 1990, he established The Shabach Church (TSC) in Orlando, Florida…  In 2012, Dr. Hall completed his greatest philanthropic venture by donating the old club “Dudes” on S. Highland Ave., in Apopka, FL. He generously funded the project and in eight months stewards of TSC preformed the majority of the construction.

In 2005, he established The Shabach Christian Church Fellowship (SCCF) and serves as the spiritual voice navigating a select group of pastors and churches within the United States. In addition, he mentors many seeking a “spiritual father”, leadership, and wisdom in the gospel through The Shabach Son’s and Daughter’s (TSSD) outreach program.

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