Aaron Hall’s Brother Makes Major Money As A Prosperous Pastor Who Shows Out In The Pulpit

Posted On : July 18, 2019

Dr. Todd M. Hall…

Aaron and Damion Hall have entertained millions of fans for years. Though their pastor brother, Dr. Hall, is  performing on a different stage, under a different set of lights, like his brothers, he still found that his calling was to speak to the masses. For example, below is a snippet of Todd M.Hall cuttin’ up in the pulpit during a Christian event in which many high ranking pastors, including Bishop Paul S. Morton, were feeling the spirit with him…



Aaron Hall Reveals Their Father’s & Grandfather’s Conflicting Lifestyles: Pimp vs. Preacher…
What is interesting about the Hall siblings, is that the Hall men who came before them had careers that dabbled in two opposite ends of the spectrum sides of the coin- the religious world, and the street world.

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A while back we shared with y’all the very entertaining interview Aaron did with Vlad TV, in which he revealed that their father, Aaron Hall Jr., was a minister and their  Grandfather, Aaron Hall Sr., did a lil’ pimpin’ on the side. During that interview, shortly before he labeled his penis a “historical di*k, Aaron first explained how he ended up being so vastly different from their preacher Pops:

Via Vlad TV– “My father’s a pastor, so the whole thing is that…my Grandfather being a pimp, it’s just like…I’m third generation, I’m Aaron Hall the 3rd and my father is Aaron Hall Jr., so I just skipped over it [becoming a minister] like Checkers (LOL).”

Though we’re certain that none of the Hall siblings condone pimpin’ women, their Grandfather’s and Father’s backgrounds does help to explain how the siblings managed to find their life’s calling in two very different worlds- because they apparently grew up in both.

Nonetheless, Pastor Todd  M. Hall is continuing to live a righteous life according to his Christian beliefs, while doing his due diligence to help his church members. Aaron and Damion are still fulfilling their true callings as entertainers and while at it, Damion is out here showing these youngins how it’s really done with his chiseled up physique at 50 years young.