Actor Who Reportedly Choked Michael Jackson’s Daughter Plummets To His Death

Posted On : May 14, 2019

Paris Jackson and her grandmotehr, Katherine Jackson [Instagram]

ILOSM family, a while back we reported that Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson (21), allegedly escaped harm’s way, after reportedly being attacked and choked by an actor at a private event. Now, that same man has just committed suicide and law enforcement officers have given details into what exactly happened.

Several People Tried To Stop Actor From Jumping
According to officials, actor, Isaac Kappy -best known for roles in “Thor,” “Terminator Salvation” and “Beerfest”- has leapt off of a bridge and plummeted to his death. Details below…

Actor, Isaac Kappy [Instagram]

Via TMZ: The Arizona Department of Public Safety has confirmed Isaac Kappy is the guy who jumped to his death Monday at the bridge near Bellemont, Arizona. Kappy reportedly forced himself off the Transwestern Road bridge onto Interstate 40 where he was struck by a Ford pickup truck … officials confirmed Tuesday morning.

Before jumping off the bridge … several bystanders tried physically restraining Kappy from jumping but failed to hold him. There were no other injuries and authorities have now closed their investigation.

Shortly before committing suicide, Kappy wrote a lengthy Instagram message that raised flags for several reasons.For starters, the pre-dated two months ahead, as ‘July 2019,’ although Kappy has now committed suicide in May 2019. Secondly, his post warned everyone to “Beware the man has nothing to lose, for he has nothing to protect.” At the end of his letter, it was tagged as “Return of the King, Return to the Light.”

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