Actor Who Reportedly Choked Michael Jackson’s Daughter Plummets To His Death

Posted On : May 14, 2019

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Recap Of Actor’s Alleged Attack Against Paris Jackson
In August 2018, we reported that Isaac Kappy allegedly choked Paris Jackson at a football party in July of that same year. At that time, news of the alleged attack kinda flew under the radar. It wasn’t until Kappy began publicly making major threats toward actor, Seth Green, and also the police, that the prior alleged attack on Michael Jackson’s daughter was exposed.

How Paris Tried To Save Her Alleged Attackers Life
Following Kappy’s alleged choking of Paris Jackson, she still attempted to him out of fear that he would take his life:

[Kappy] continued texting her after that scary incident … forcing [Paris] to beef up her security to protect herself. Our sources said Paris initially replied to Kappy’s texts because she feared he was suicidal and wanted to be supportive. Kappy had also posted a video in which he rambled about Seth Green being a pedophile. -via TMZ

At that time, LAPD’s Threat Management division ‘opened an investigation of Isaac Kappy for alleged harassment and stalking.’

The investigation was sparked after Kappy then tweeted a threat, seemingly against the LAPD:

“In light of the interesting traffic happening around my house I want to make something CRYSTAL CLEAR: while I am a VERY strong advocate of peaceful disclosure, make no mistake, assets are in place and if you kill me or even try, it will rain .50 cals in the Hollywood Hills.”

Sadly, neither Paris Jackson, nor anyone else was able to save Isaac Kappy from himself. He was just 42 years old.