After Birdman Removed $500K Teeth, Whatchu’ Think About What He’s Now Doing To His Face?

Posted On : October 13, 2017

Well looka here! First it was the $500K platinum grill, and now Birdman has just revealed that he’s taking another major step toward upgrading his look.

Toni Braxton and boyfriend, Birdman

If y’all missed our prior report, everybody and their mommas rejoiced after Toni Braxton’s boo-thang debuted his pearly whites for his fans. He removed his grill – and possibly melted it down for a new diamond encrusted platinum piece or something- and proved why folks need to put some ‘respeck’ on his name next time they mention it.

In the first picture, Birdman is simply smiling in a selfie, wearing a grey shirt. The caption is all hashtags…

#stunnaman #lifestyle #shekeepanig*asmile #cashmoneymillionaires #stunnaisland🌴#richgang #Richlife #bedore anythang lifestyle

So Is Toni Braxton Really The Reason?

The one that really stands out is, “#shekeepanig*asmile.” Which could be in reference to his BAE, Toni Braxton, or it could be his daughter. Either way it’s a change for Birdman, and we love it! He’s gettin’ his grown man on.

The Numba One Stunna posted a second image with is daughter. He was wearing a black shirt, sunglasses and his pearly whites.

Both pictures were met with a flood of positive comments including, “I have never seen you this damn vibrant since you been on the map. That’s what a ride or die will do for you,” “Love the new smile,” and “This look is you!”

But Here’s Birdman’s New Announcement

Takin tattoos off my face #livinlegend #lifestyle #RICHLIFE #Bryanwilliams #kali

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Today though, word on the Old School curb is that the Cash Money mogul is about to get de-tatted. That’s right, the Birdman says he’s removing tattoos from his face. At this point it’s unclear if he’s gonna remove ALL of his face tats, but many fans would agree that any removal would be a step in the right direction for him. One fan (@heyaprilljay on Instagram) even went as far as to create a photoshopped pic of what Birdman will look like after removing all of his facial tattoos. Saying he’ll look hella different is an understatement…

Via ShadeRoom: (L) Real photo of Baby’s new teeth; (R) Photoshopped photo of Baby’s facial tattoo removals

So, why is Birdman going through all of these life changes and looking like he’s “movin’ on up” in life, like The Jeffersons? Who knows. But as we previously reported, many fans believe that his desire to change after decades has a lot to do with his new lady, Toni Braxton.

@1queenbellab That’s what a good woman do to you!! 😁

@dlp_photographer “Love Makes you do Some Great things”

What’chall think about the new Birdman and his new evolution?