After Seeing Tommy Davidson’s Wife, Some Are Surprised By How His Lovely Daughter’s Looks

Posted On : May 17, 2022
Tommy Davidson

Tommy Davidson is known for crackin’ us up for the past 30+ years in the comedy game. He’s brought many classic characters to life, like the time he played “Wanda’s” (Jamie Foxx) love interest. Remember that? Tommy damn near sidekick Jamie in the ribs after Jamie went off script and blindsided him with that infamous peck on the cheek. Just thinking about that In Living Color scene has us rollin.’

These days though, there are other facts about Tommy that are being uncovered- the details about his family life. As we previously reported, he had a very tough beginning as a child, but now he’s a devoted father and husband in his private life. In fact, his beautiful daughter caught some fans off guard…only after seeing his wife, who equally surprised many. The reason for this is understandable, but it’s also deeper than his fans may know.

Meet His Caucasian Wife, Amanda

Tommy definitely sees no color when it comes to love, because here is his Caucasian wife, Amanda, whom he married in 2015. They dated for years, prior to jumpin’ the broom.



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His Daughter, Jillian Davidson, Is African American

Tommy Davidson’s daughter, Jillian Davidson

Fans were surprised by Tommy’s adult daughter, Jillian Davidson. Why? Because after seeing his wife, Amanda, they’d assumed he only liked Caucasian women. But they were wrong.

Tommy Davidson’s daughter, Jillian Davidson

Introducing Tommy’s Ex-Wife Arlene Davidson

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Tommy was actually married to his ex-wife, Arlene Davidson, for many years and they have four children together.

Meet The Davidson Kids!

Tommy Davidson (2nd from left, kneeling) with four of his children

Pictured in the above photo, are four of Tommy Davidson’s kids. Tommy also has a young son (not pictured) with his current wife, Amanda.

As you can see, Tommy’s biological Mother didn’t do right by him…but he’s making SURE he does right by ALL of his babies! Well done Tommy!