After Unflattering Viral Photo at Walmart Surfaced, Wendy Williams Explains

Posted On : April 9, 2019

Over the weekend an unflattering photo popped up on social media of Wendy Williams at Walmart on a motorized shopping cart. The namesake TV host looked disheveled and had a perplexed facial expression–one would think something serious is going on with Wendy and for good reason.

Allegedly her husband and business partner has been cheating for years and allegedly seeded a child with his mistress. The problems in her marriage may have led Wendy to her current living arrangement of being in a sober house to cope with her addictions.

“I want to shout-out to my friends at the Walmart in a little-known place called Elin, New York,” Williams said Monday, referring to Ellenville. “A town of only maybe 300 people. It’s very, very small in Upstate New York. It’s very, very peaceful. The people are lovely. The biggest thing going is the Walmart. It’s (open) 24-hours.”

The audience laughed.

“We went up there and the Walmart is the social place. When I’m away from the show, sometimes I do take selfies, sometimes. At four o’clock in the morning, I’m sitting in this scooter … taking pictures with people. And I said, ‘Take a picture, and I’m going to act like I’m shopping.’”

“One of the best things about being truthful to yourself and truthful to you and having your own show is I can come on and dispel my own rumors,” Williams said. “The headline was, ‘Poor, lonely Wendy needs a hug’…”

See Wendy’s unflattering photo and video of Wendy explaining >>>