Aretha’s Son In Bitter Battle With Estate Overseer, Hurls Accusations In New Legal Claim

Posted On : June 18, 2019

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One of Aretha Franklin’s sons is currently in a hella bitter dispute with her estate’s overseer and it ain’t a pretty one by far. They are both hurling accusations against each other and now, he’s filed new docs to gain control of everything.

Son Slams Estate Overseer In New Court Filing…
In his new legal filing, Kecalf Franklin (pictured above), is accusing Sabrina Owens -the overseer of his late Mother’s estate- of pulling shady moves that are keeping himself and the rest of Aretha’s kids in the dark, regarding Aretha’s finances and business dealings. Here’s what was reported via The Blast:

According to court documents…Kecalf Franklin is demanding the court remove the estate’s personal representative, Sabrina Owens.

He accuses her of mismanaging the estate and failing to perform her duties. Kecalf is requesting the judge appoint him as the successor and allow him to completely manage all aspects of Franklin’s business. …He claims Owens has failed to provide the heirs with any accounting or inventory of his mother’s property and assets. He wants a full list of her jewelry, masters, Grammys, gold records and other awards.

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