Aretha’s Son In Bitter Battle With Estate Overseer, Hurls Accusations In New Legal Claim

Posted On : June 18, 2019

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Overseer Claims Son Is Lying…
Estate overseer, Sabrina Owens (not pictured), claims Kecalf is out here telling bold faced lies to the court:

Owens…claims to be handling all responsibilities of the estate on time and properly. She says an inventory hasn’t been done yet but blames the heirs for any delays. The rep points out that she did deny Kecalf a request to use a Mercedes Benz owned by Aretha, but she is adamant Kecalf and the other siblings have been updated constantly about the business affairs.

The overseer is also taking new legal actions, regarding the ‘stolen property’ that was reportedly lifted from Aretha’s home recently:

Owens also reveals that since police did not press charges over the alleged stolen property of Franklin, the estate is preparing a civil lawsuit. She is asking the court to deny all requests by Kecalf and to keep her in the position. -via TB

Aretha’s Son Made Even More Claims Weeks Ago…

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Their latest filings comes after Kecalf Franklin filed claims against Sabrina Owens in early June 2019, when he blasted he for not informing him of the stolen property from his Mother’s home among other issues:
– Kecalf said he did not know that several business dealings in his mom’s name were in the works, including the television show, Genius, nor an upcoming MGM biopic about Aretha’s life.

– He also noted that he nor his family were informed that Owens was housing some of Aretha’s personal home items at her own office instead. According to Kecalf’s filing, he believes that is not a safe place for Aretha’s belongings to be housed.

– According to The Blast, Kecalf Franklin also ‘claimed they have been given no information about the investigation into her music catalog worth or the investigation of forgery of her checks. He also wants information about the audits being done on her IRS tax returns from 2012 – 2018.’

Pretty sure this will not be the last the we here of this, because the tension between Aretha’s son and her estate overseer seems pretty intense to say the least.