Ashford & Simpson: Valerie Lovingly Recalls First Meeting Her Late Husband — New In-Depth Interview

Posted On : March 21, 2019

Some Things Are Just ‘Divine’…

Ashford & Simpson together
Photo via Twitter.

Life has an interesting way of sending the right people into the right set of circumstances. According to Valerie Simpson, Nickolas first laid eyes on her while she was singing.

Interviewer: “Back in the 1960s, how did you meet your husband Nick, and start writing together?”

Well, Nick came to my church, which was up in Harlem at the time, and he saw me singing in a group,” Simpson responds.

“He was a visitor, so after service we met and started talking, and I found out that he wrote gospel songs. And because I played the piano, it was just a natural thing, even though I wasn’t a songwriter at that point. With the group I had at the time, we decided that we wanted some original material. So he and I, you know, took to each other and started writing these songs.”

But Unfortunately…Nick Didn’t Live In New York>>>