(Video) Does Eric Benet’s Daughter Have The Skills To Make It In Music?

Posted On : January 21, 2015

eric benet and daughter blog pic

So we stumbled across this throwback video in our old school stash the other day of Eric Benet and his daughter, India Benet. India’s a bonafide singer in her own right now and she and her Dad are singing a-cappella on one of his previous hits “You’re The Only One.”

It’s always a beautiful thing to see artists passing the torch to their offspring and harmonizing with his daughter was quite a treat for Eric. Check this out…

Alright I’m going to sidetrack for a second- this is what we need to see more of: Father’s taking the time to build a true connection with their children. This is no shade to men out there who may have not been in your kids’ lives consistently, but it’s just a reminder that it’s never too late to reconnect with your seeds.

In my humble opinion, Eric Benet’s relationship with his daughter is the type of bond that can result in less booty poppin’ and can help prevent young women from, as Chris Rock once said, having “clear heels in their future.” Now here’s another disclaimer: I’m not judging any woman who’s out here doing what she needs to do to put food on the table- in fact, I salute you; nor am I judging women who simply enjoy celebrating simply their sensuality- I think that’s a beautiful thing too, but I’m just saying that young girls also need to be taught that their bodies are not ALL that they are. This video of Eric and his daughter is an example of what a young lady needs, especially in the earlier years of her life.

Okay I’m done with the sidetracking…back to India’s singing- We just have to wonder how much longer will it be before she’s headlining her own shows because she has talent. She isn’t a powerhouse singer, but her voice has more of a soft, melodic touch and she appears with Eric on shows and in videos quite a bit.

Eric was a single dad for many years taking care of India since she was 15 months old, after her Mom, Tami Marie Stauff, sadly