Blessings: After Being Told He Had Months To Live, Al B. Sure Shares Inspiring Video Update

Posted On : December 26, 2020

Al B. Sure is counting his blessings these days, after experiencing a life threatening health condition. And we’re grateful the brotha is doing what he has to do to get his health in order.

The “Night and Day” hitmaker shared the latest on his health journey. From the looks of it, he is really going through it. In a graphic online post, Al B. shared video footage of himself inside his doctor’s office, getting tubes removed from his stomach, while he was still alert and awake. Ouch! In the video below, you can see that he was clearly in extreme pain, but he stuck it out for the greater good of his health.

He began his caption with gratitude to his fans:

“Ok, this is the final segment of my #medicaljourney (i hope and pray). Thank you for the love light and prayers to get me through 2020. i appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.”

He then thanked his doc’:

“Thank you Dr. Rosenberg for allowing me a few more years here with my loved ones.”

Al B.’s next words alarmed many. Why? Because he got real about the severity of his health. He revealed that in recent years, he was told he only had months to live, had he not jumped on top of his health immediately in order to save his life:

“Hearing that I only have 4 to 6 months left if I didn’t fix me was eye opening and mind boggling. I’ll be writing about it on my #albsurememoirs & the new album #inEffectMode20.21 • Visit and leave me your math! I’ll see you in 2021, #GodWilling with all of the love in my pen and heart available. #BlackmensHealth • #NewJackHealthy”

Video – Al B. Sure Gets Drainage Tubes Out Of Stomach (Warning: Graphic Content)


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The Reason Behind Al B. Sure’s Major Weight Loss


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In mid-2018, we’d reported on Al B. Sure’s sudden, drastic weight loss. At that time, no one knew exactly how, nor why he’d lost the weight. But the R&B crooner looked like he’d taken a step back in time….reclaiming his 1989 swag. Little did anyone know that his motivation came from two factors: (1) he had to apparently lose the weight due to his health issues, and (2) he’s now revealed that he had bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery).

He says he was diagnosed with a gallbladder issue, a blockage, and “toxic internal problems,” as pointed out in the posts below:


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In case y’all hadn’t heard, just a few short years ago –in 2017– Al B. was weighing in at 309 pounds. He’s now down to 195 pounds and looking mad fit.

Al B. Sure now (2020)

Al B. Sure Is Now Encouraging Others

Ever since his health scare, which he’s still battling to this day, Al B. Sure has been on a mission to help bring awareness to anyone willing to take heed to his health warnings. In the following post, Al B. noted that he does NOT have COVID –as rumored by some gossip sites. In fact, he’s been battling health issues for a few years now, long before Corona surfaced in the U.S.:


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In a prior message, he wrote:

“Oct 2017 • 309 lbs • 🆚 Nov 2020 • 195 lbs • #FYI Sincerely embarking on any journey to better yourself or increase your frequency will produce monumental obstacles & the devils minions in every angelic form to prohibit your progress #StayFocused • #StayWoke • #BeInspired • …A word of advice #StraightfromtheHorsesMouth 🐴! “STOP taking yourself so seriously and start taking LIFE seriously!” “The journey to 💯+ & More” coming soon via my NEW YouTube channel. … Please visit, Subscribe & active the 🔔 • 📺 📺 •”


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Sending well wishes to Al B. Sure and anyone else out there going through health crisis at this time.