Braxton Sisters Take MOM To Sex Therapy & Her Reaction Is PRICELESS! 😂

Posted On : August 27, 2016

evelyn towanda and trina
On a new episode of “The Braxton Family Values,” Trina Braxton had a bright idea of inviting her sex therapist over to school her sisters (Towanda, Toni, and Traci) and their Mom, Evelyn, on some sex tips. Needless to say, some thought it was kind of weird to school the Braxton ladies- all mothers, who have all been around the block quite a few times by now- on the topic of sex.

Toni was the first to sarcastically ask:

“Ummm, am I five?”

ni and evelyn

But then Mama Evelyn’s response took the cake! She compared the days of the Old School to nowadays, and thought it was SO stupid to have a sex therapist teach grown women how to have sex:

“We are living in different times…I mean…you don’t know what to do?!! …I didn’t have ‘techniques’ when I was having my six children…it just came natural!”

You gotta see what else she said below…