Cameo’s Larry Blackmon’s Son Has Been Quiet About His Dad…Until Now

Posted On : March 5, 2015

cameo post pic2
When you think of Cameo, you instantly think of the red cup wearing dude, Larry Blackmon. His style is wild, his singing voice is unique, and the last thing you would probably think the son of a brotha who’s performed in front of millions, wearing a cup on the outside of his pants, would be doing is what his 40 year old son does.

‘Politician’ is the “code word” and “no matter where you say it” his son’s name, Larry Scott Blackmon, will be heard, well at least in the state of New York it will be, which is where Larry Scott has been heavily involved in the world of politics for the last 16 years. Larry and his Pops are about as different as a Baptist reverend and a rock n’ roll star and Larry Scott Blackmon has…