‘Celie’ Actress Tells What “Color Purple” Co-Star Oprah Did For Her As A Child

Posted On : April 11, 2019

What Oprah did for Desreta Jackson once filming was wrapped…

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“She Didn’t Stop”

“When I finished The Color Purple, and I went back home, she didn’t stop. …She would fly me out [to Chicago, where she was filming her talk show] and I would stay with her. … I’d stay in the bed with her. I’d just kinda lay down while she takes care of business and work and talk.”

‘I Do Th Same With My Kids Now’

DJ: “That was really influential to me as a child, kind of in my developmental years, because…to this day…I do that with my kids. Like, I make them come with me when I go to business [meetings], I make them sit around when I’m talking…because I realized how much it (Oprah’s help) helped made me see a frame of thinking. It made me realize more about business, without subconsciously knowing it. And I don’t know if Oprah did that purposely…whether it was conscious, or not conscious, but it definitely framed and helped part of my development mentally.”

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