Christopher Williams Is Pissed & Claps Back After News Of His Recent Arrest Went Viral

Posted On : October 5, 2017

ILOSM family “I’m Dreamin'” and “Promises, Promises” singer/actor, Christopher Williams, is a tad bit pissed off about the news that recently surfaced regarding his ‘petty theft’ arrest. Therefore, he made sure to speak his mind and clap back about it.

Christopher Williams

Recap Of Williams’ Arrest Report

In case you missed our prior report, Williams was reportedly arrested and booked with a petty theft charge for stealing $99.99 JBL headphones from a Kohl’s store recently. TMZ originally posted the news on October 3, 2017, along with his mugshot and here’s what the report stated:

Christopher Williams’ mugshot (via TMZ)

Via TMZ: Sources tell us the incident went down Saturday at a Kohl’s in McDonough, Georgia where Chris walked in with a tote bag and wearing a baseball cap. We’re told he went to the back of the store and grabbed a pair of JBL headphones … priced at $99.99. We’re told he threw the headphones into his bag and tried walking out. When security stopped him, we’re told Chris said he simply forgot he bagged them. By then, cops were called and arrested him. The “I’m Dreamin'” singer was arrested and booked for petty theft, a misdemeanor. He was released after a couple hours.

Christopher Williams Claps Back At Media

So who is C. Williams clappin’ back at, you ask? Apparently the many media outlets that reported the news, I assume that includes ILOSM as well. Also, anyone else who shared the info on social media, y’all can probably get it too, according to Williams…I think.

In his Instagram clap-back, Williams never denied the theft incident happened. He did however, specifically seem to target TMZ, by referring to them as “TMFlea” (probably because they broke the story). He also took aim at the many reports about the details of his arrest being circulated on social media, radio, and television:

christopherwilliams: Im coming TRUST SUCKER! I dont have to see it on IG or Twitter, TMFlea, radio,tv etc I have more than a mustard seed and God will get the Glory… #dietyloversbeware

Christopher included several inspirational and/or religious quotes to show that he’s not bothered, which quite frankly, he shouldn’t be. Let’s face it, that Old School saying that “all publicity is good publicity,” isn’t necessarily just “a saying’…just sayin.’ Anywho, check out the rest of his messages below…

Williams’ ode to the day his arrest news broke, October 3, 2017…

We All Make Mistakes

Listen, although Christopher Williams’ JBL headphones arrest is a bit surprising, the bottom line is that we ALL make mistakes and/or bad decisions at some point in our lives. None of us are perfect and that goes for celebrities as well…

Therefore, for Williams the brighter side of things is that his arrest is just for a petty theft crime and not a hardcore felony. He’ll pay his fine and/or do his time, or community service, etc.. Then he’ll bounce back with an even bigger redemption story to share and more human-like qualities that’ll make him more relatable to his fans the next time he steps on stage.

Like we always say, here at ILOSM, celebrities have accomplished a high level of greatness, but that doesn’t make them flawless. They are simply perfectly flawed human beings, just like the rest of us.

Atl we coming so get ya tickets before there all gone… Its not over til Jamal sez it is….

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