Co-Worker, Neighbors Recall Final Moments Of Tina Turner’s Son Just Before He Ended His Life

Posted On : July 11, 2018
Tina Turner and her now deceased son, Craig Raymond Turner (via Facebook)

As Tina Turner continues to painfully grieve the loss of her 59 year son, Craig Turner, his co-worker and neighbors are recalling the very last days of his life. Prior to Craig committing suicide with a self inflicted gun-shot wound, many of Tina’s fans didn’t know, or had forgotten that she even had a son, outside of her son with former husband Ike Turner (Craig is not Ike’s biological child). That was partly due to the fact that Craig Turner was a very private person, who lived life as far away from the limelight as possible. After he took his own life on July 3, 2018, those who knew him well have revealed interesting details about him.

Neighbors Reveal Tragic Scene Following Suicide

Craig was living in a Studio City, CA. apartment that was in Tina’s name, when he took his life. His neighbors were present in their nearby apartment, but they revealed they had no clue what had happened, until they saw the aftermath of the tragedy:

Via Radar Online: Moon Hee Nam, who has lived in the Los Angeles apartment building on the same floor for four years, saw Craig often and told Radar his body was found by his sister-in-law, who was seen weeping at the scene.

Nam…didn’t hear a gunshot wound, nor was he aware of the death until the ambulance arrived, [he] tells Radar exclusively.

Co-Worker & Neighbors Recall How He Hid Identity Of Famous Mother

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Another reason why many weren’t aware that Craig was Tina’s son, was because he not only lived a private life, but he also kept the identity of his famous mother away from most people who knew him. According to his neighbors and one of his co-workers, he danced around the topic often:

Via RadarOnline: Deborah Beardsley, office administrator for Rodeo Realty in Studio City, said Craig Turner Opens a New Window. started working with the firm about two years ago. “He was so sweet and such a kind-heated man,” Beardsley said about the singer’s son. “He usually kept to himself, so he was a very private man.”

“We shared a few private moments here in our kitchen and once he heard me singing. He asked me if I had been a singer. He did not know that I knew who his mom was. I said to him, ‘I use to be a backup singer back in the day.’ He said to me, ‘I bet you can sing,’ and I said, ‘My dad always told me I reminded him of a white Tina Turner Opens a New Window. .’ I swear to God! I said that to him, not letting him know I knew about his mom. He just smiled and snickered and I just told him, ‘I’m just sayin!’ He was such a sweet man.”

No Sign Of Depression Days Before Passing

Craigs co-worker also said his demeanor didn’t raise any red flags days before his passing:

Via RadarOnline: Beardsley told Radar Turner would always appear during the company’s weekly Tuesday meetings, but there was no meeting today because of the Fourth of July holiday. She said Turner did not look bothered or distraught during their last meeting.

Our condolences to Tina Turner and family at this time.

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