Coko Of SWV Was Disrespected By K. Michelle? Oh Boy, Things Got Ugly!

Posted On : June 30, 2015

big pic coko and kwish they could have seen Coko actually singing with Patti at the 2015 BET Awards instead. Here are the retweets:
coko's retweetsK. Michelle got wind of what Coko retweeted and obviously felt like Coko was throwing shade her way. So instead of going after the actual fans who originally tweeted the comments, K. Michelle decided to throw a jab at Coko with this tweet:
kmichelle tweet1 bet-15-k-michelle
On a side note, I don’t think anything is wrong with Coko or her teeth, she has always been a beautiful woman to me. Anyways, Coko’s response to K.’s jab is priceless, but first take a quick look at how folks were attacking K. Michelle for her comment on Bossip, which is a website that would typically have many fans of K. Michelle on it. Not this time though. Here’s what they were saying:
bossip1 bossip2 bossip3 bossip4Lastly, Coko decided to respond to K. Michelle with another fan retweet and also with a tweet of her own…