Comedian Luenell Strangely Bans Hugs And Kisses At Comedy Show, Explains Why

Posted On : March 16, 2019
Female comic, Luenell

Comedian Luenell Oddly Banned Hugs And Kisses At Comedy Show, Explains Why


Our home girl Luenell is not here for your hugs and kisses. But if you think it’s because she doesn’t want people all up in her personal space, you are wrong. It’s because of a very different reason.

But Why Lunell?

It seems Lunell is allergic to your “low grade” perfumes. Also, she’s allergic to nearly else everything under the sun.

Lunell, now 60 years old posted photos on her Instagram page that shows her suffering from a severe allergic reaction to a fan’s cheap perfume.

Comic and Actress, Luenell via Instagram

In one photo Luenell is seen wearing dark sunglasses and holding a sign that reads:

”Luenell can’t wait to meet you! Photos (on your own phone) $25

She captioned the photo:

“Well here’s why this sign is necessary and needs to be taken seriously. I have SEVER ALLERGIC REACTIONS 2 fresh cut grass, cats, cigarette, certain low grade perfumes and make ups. I Never know who is going 2 set me off. Last night after my first show here n Raleigh….somebody got me. Give me a handshake or even the money that you gave us to purchase items. If a lady kept it in her bra and had perfume on it it did not agree with me he can set me off. So now I look like this…

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