Comedian Luenell Strangely Bans Hugs And Kisses At Comedy Show, Explains Why

Posted On : March 16, 2019

In this photo the comedic actress removed her shades to show her eyelids swollen shut from a severe allergic reaction.

Comic and Actress, Luenell via Instagram

“…i always carry my EpiPen everywhere I [got] Benadryl and other things to help with the situation like this BUT u can’t keep a Gangsta like me down! As you see I got up and completed my obligation to be on television this morning and will be doing the rest of my shows this weekend with swollen eyes.”
Luenell promised that, despite her allergic reaction, she will perform at a comedy show in Raleigh, NC tonight.

“Yes it’s uncomfortable, Yes it’s embarrassing. Yes it’s a bi!ch BUT cancelling shows is not an option. The Show Must Go On! I will see you all tonight @goodnightscomedy club and then after New York to tape The Wendy Williams Show next Tuesday, then San Antonio (#LaughOutLoudConedyClub) then, Vegas (#SLSHotel&Casino) then, hm. I will not b stopped! Enjoy the shows this weekend and see what a Real One does n a crisis situation. I’m not the only one who suffered from this but everybody doesn’t have to go on stage this way. I Suck it Up and entertain you NO MATTER WHAT! Continue to pray for me and I will pull through just fine in a few days. Love you All…”