As Corruption Clouds R. Kelly’s Case, Feds Now Going After Him Even Harder

Posted On : April 14, 2019

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Looks like things are getting far more turned up for R. Kelly these days. As many of y’all have heard, his pending 10-count sex abuse case has been shrouded in many suspicions of corruption on the parts of the prosecuting side.

For starters, the opposing attorney, Michael Avenatti, who worked with Chicago prosecutors to help spark the current case against R. Kelly, has recently been indicted 36 federal counts.  He also was reportedly recorded admitting that ‘90% of the charges against R. Kelly is bulls*it.’

The Cook County, IL State’s Attorney, Kim Foxx, has raised all kinds of red flags about her ethical practices, after being accused of pulling some shady strings behind the scenes of Empire star, Jussie Smollett’s mysteriously dropped 16-count felony case.

So now, it seems that the state of Illinois is therefore going another route to get R. Kelly. That’s where the Feds come in and they are playing ZERO games with this new probe into ‘Mr. Ignition.’

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