Opposing Lawyer Grilled On $25M Nike Scandal, After Being Exposed For Calling R.Kelly Charges ‘BS’

Posted On : April 10, 2019

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Just two weeks after lawyer, Michael Avenatti, was exposed for reportedly speaking against his own public claims about R. Kelly, he’s back in the media after his latest CNBC interview that took place on Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

In case y’all hadn’t heard, Avenatti is the lawyer who kicked off the recent 10-count sex abuse felony case against R. Kelly, after turning in a tape to authorities, which Avenatti says shows R. Kelly having sex with an underaged girl.

Fast forward to now and as y’all already know, Michael Avenatti was also recently arrested for allegedly trying to extort $25 MILLION from Nike. Freshly bonded out and as he awaits his own day in court, he’s stirred up some ruckus out here in the free world.

During his Tuesday CNBC interview, Avenatti addressed the Nike documents he released on Twitter to try to prove his side of the story. He also took shots at Nike, for ‘pulling a stunt,’ by working with the Feds to have him arrested and indicted on extortion charges. “For all of Nike’s puffery,” said Avenatti, “they have yet to claim that what I’m saying is untrue or that these documents are bogus, and the reason is they can’t.”

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