Opposing Lawyer Grilled On $25M Nike Scandal, After Being Exposed For Calling R.Kelly Charges ‘BS’

Posted On : April 10, 2019

After Avenatti alluded that Nike “can’t” respond to his claims against because they’re lying, CNBC host, Sara Eisen, pointed out one important fact that Avenatti skipped over: “They [Nike] can’t because they’re cooperating with an actual federal investigation. Why not just let that play out from law enforcement? Why are you going public with all of this?”

Avenatti rebutted, “They’re not cooperating with any federal investigation, that’s a bunch of BS.” However, Nike re-confirmed to CNBC, that they are in fact cooperation with the Feds on his extortion case.

Eisen then brought up the extortion recording that Nike reps say is Avenatti reportedly threatening them for $25M’s:

“’If [Nike] wants to have one confidential settlement and we’re done, they can buy that for twenty-two and half million dollars and we’re done… Full confidentiality, we ride off into the sunset.’ …Did you not say that?” Eisen asked Avenatti.

Avenatti replied:

“Full confidentiality relating to the payment that was made, but that ignores all the other context and all the other communications that took place before then, during which we made it clear that we would never…agree to anything that would obstruct justice or keep this information out of the hands of governmental investigators. …We were never going to participate in any cover-up whatsoever.”

See what else Avenatti said in the video up top.

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