Cuba Gooding Jr Makes 1st Appearance Since Arrest & Alleged Video With Accuser Surfaced

Posted On : June 16, 2019

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It was just a few days ago that Cuba Gooding Jr. was arrested and booked on  ‘forcible touching’ and ‘sexual assault’ charges, but that isn’t stopping women from ‘touching’ him in public places, nor did it stop him from partaking in one of his favorite past times- hangin’ out at local hot spots.

Spotted With Lawyer’s Daughter Days After ‘Groping’ Arrest…

Cuba Gooding Jr. was handcuffed and booked on Thursday, following one woman’s claim (and subsequent surveillance video) that he touched her against her will. However, a few days later, Rachel Heller, the daughter of Cuba’s defense attorney, Mark Heller was more than willing to show him some love, during their outing to Long Island, NY hotspot, Le Bilboquet restaurant…

You’d think that for now, Cuba has had it up to HERE with turnin’ up at popular public spots, but he was all smiles that night, as y’all can see in the above photo.

Gooding Jr.’s latest public ‘turn up,  doesn’t mean the brotha isn’t facing some serious issues with the pending investigation into whether or not he touched a woman’s breasts at Manhattan, NY bar recently.

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