Cuba Gooding Jr Makes 1st Appearance Since Arrest & Alleged Video With Accuser Surfaced

Posted On : June 16, 2019

Cuba & Attorney Believe Viral Video With Accuser Proves ‘Innocence’…

Gooding Jr. and his attorney, Mark Heller, claim that the woman is straight-up lying on him. They each say that the viral video of him and his accuser, further backs their claims. However, Manhattan law officials apparently believe that same video was enough to officially charge him with the crime.

Why? Because in the video, the woman walks up to sit next to Cuba Gooding Jr. and his girlfriend for what appears to be a friendly conversation. At some point, Cuba put his hand on the woman’s knee as the three of them talked, but what happened next is left up to interpretation…

Did He ‘Make Contact’ With Woman’s Breast?

Cuba’s hand then appears to raise up higher, but it’s unclear if his hand is actually touching the accuser’s breast. According to the woman it did, but according to Cuba and his attorney, his hand never made contact with the woman’s breast.

As the interaction played out on video, the woman didn’t seem to flinch, and another man eventually walked over to talk to Cuba to engage in a seemingly pleasant convo. The accuser remained seated next to them the whole time.

Then the whole mood changed by the second video clip, when the accuser walked up to a security guard who was standing next to Cuba and his girlfriend. The accuser appears to be complaining to the guard about something (presumably something about Cuba). At the same time, a seemingly carefree Cuba got up and walked right past the woman, apparently not even realizing an issue was brewing nearby.

The accuser filed a police report later that night, claiming Cuba touched her breast.  Now, the Boyz N’ The Hood veteran is about to fight charges of ‘sexual assault’ and ‘forcible touching.’ Thoughts ILOSM fam?’