‘Cussing Pastor’ Thaddeus Matthews Responds To K. Michelle, Threatens ‘Side Piece’ Tell-All Tonight

Posted On : May 15, 2019
Thaddeus Matthews
Photo via Twitter.

What tangled web has K. Michelle stepped into with Thaddeus Matthews?? According to the “Cussing Pastor,” he’s about to drop one hell of a truth bomb about the singer.

Don’t come for me if I don’t send for you,” Thaddeus Matthews mentioned a couple of hours ago, in response to K. Michelle pulling up on him at Regina’s Cajun Kitchen, in downtown Memphis.

According to Matthews, while he was shaking hands with the owner and meeting fans, K. Michelle ran up on him. But this was covered in a previous ILOSM article.

Now, Thaddeus Matthews has officially responded. And it’s possibly crazier than anyone could’ve expected regarding the artist. He says he’s letting it all air out.

Concerning his past report on K. Michelle, Matthews says, “It was a news story…yes, I reported it.” But, he goes on to elaborate as follows:

“Anybody in Memphis can tell you, I give absolutely ZERO f**ks about you, b***h. Now…tonight on my show, I’m going to play the tape that I have with Andrea…the side piece…that your money paid for her p***y. Tonight, I’m gonna tell the whole d**n story.”

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