Details Reveal The Secret Relationship Stevie Had With “The Color Purple” Actress For Years

Posted On : November 17, 2020
Stevie Wonder; “The Color Purple” actress, Akosua Busia

True Old Schoolers remember actor, Ernest Harden Jr.,from his roles in various sitcoms and films back in the day, including “The Jeffersons,” the film “White Men Can’t Jump,” and many more. One of his most memorable roles was his guest appearance on “Good Times,” as J.J.’s art student, “Earl.” Remember that? That was the episode where “J.J.” decided to give art classes in their home in order to raise some extra money and “Earl’s” dad threatened to beat “Earl” to an oblivion for attending the classes.

Well, fast forward to now and Ernest Harden Jr. has dropped a bombshell revelation about his friends, Stevie Wonder that most of us would not have expected.

Ernest Harden Jr (L and inset photo); Stevie Wonder (R)

Do You Wish They Would Have Stayed Together?

For decades, Stevie Wonder has kept this tidbit of info on the low, even though signs were there all along. But y’all know we, here at ILOSM, are truth gold diggers, always diggin’ for truth…and oh the things we learn ’round here when we do a lil’ diggin.’

In an interview with Actors Entertainment (see video below, starts at 5:03 mark), Ernest revealed that his good friend/actress, Akosua Busia a.k.a. “Nettie” from “The Color Purple,” was in a serious relationship with Stevie Wonder back in the day. In fact, Ernest- a Detroit, MI native- says that’s how he became good friends with fellow Detroit native, Stevie. They eventually became so cool, that Stevie would call him at 3 a.m.. sometimes. Why? Because Ernest explained that because Stevie is blind, he doesn’t necessarily have a concept of night and day, so whenever he’s up, he simply calls friends, or do what one may do at 12 noon, even if it’s the wee hours of the morning. Back to this whole “Nettie- Stevie coupled up thing though…

Now, remember we said the signs were there all along? Well, we’ve seen Stevie and Akosua out at red carpet events together, but the vibe they’d always given off was one of mentor and mentee. Matter of fact, as we previously reported, Stevie is the godparent of Akosua’s and director, John Singleton’s, now 21 year old daughter, Hadar Busia-Singleton.

In addition to Stevie and Akosua frontin’ for the cameras back in the day (I joke…I joke, I kid I kid…but it’s still true), Stevie is still very close to the “Color Purple” star and Hadar. As we also reported, Akosua co-wrote the song, “Moon Blue,” with her Stevie Wonder, for his album, “A Time 2 Love.”

Akosua also oftentimes pays homage to the music genius as the “god-daddy’ of her beautiful daughter. It was just recently that Stevie was visiting the mommy-daughter duo and took a moment to vibe with them, while singing and playing the piano.

Not sure if John Singleton ever knew his ex-wife, Akosua, and his daughter’s godparent had a thing going on back in the day. However, if he didn’t know then, he sure does now because Ernest Harden Jr. has officially let that cat outta the bag.

What Ernest Harden Jr. Does Now

Today, at 65 years young, Ernest is healthy and living life to the fullest. He has two adult children- a son and a daughter. He’s also still getting his acting on. A few years back, he starred in a one-man stage play titled, “Beethoven and The Misfortune Cookies,” which told an interesting true story of Beethoven through the eyes of the Black man that he actually was- unbeknownst to American history. Currently, Ernest Harden Jr. can be seen on TruTV’s “Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks,” a half-hour comedy series, hosted by popular hip hop DJ/radio personality, Cipha Sounds.