A Different World: Bill Cosby Is Giving Inmates Life Advice While Locked Up

Posted On : June 18, 2019

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Although there was a time when the name, ‘Bill Cosby,’ conjured up warm memories from his acclaimed television series, The Cosby Show, those days are over. During the current climate of the #MeToo movement and women speaking out against sexual abuse, Cosby’s name came up on more than one occasion. At first it seemed unbelievable that he would be involved in such heinous crimes. However, as more allegations popped up, it became clear that the general public didn’t know Bill Cosby, the man, versus Bill Cosby, the celebrity. Now that he’s been convicted and sentenced, Cosby is using his time behind bars wisely by helping other inmates get their lives together.

Imparting Knowledge

The general opinion is that Cosby’s steady fall from grace would make him the worse person possible to give out any type of advice, because look at where his alleged life choices have lead him. True, he was a successful comedian and entertainer for decades, but there was a time when he began lecturing the Black community in ways that split our affection for him. Some agreed with his thoughts, while others felt he was being condescending and out of touch with reality. In a now famous 2004 speech (known as “The Poundcake Speech”) Cosby took aim at the community for its reliance on material wealth, questionable parenting, and the rise of gun violence and public outrage.

“These are not political criminals. These are people going around stealing Coca Cola. People getting shot in the back of the head over a piece of pound cake. Then we all run out and we’re outraged. “Aw, the cops shouldn’t have shot him!” The h#ll was he doin’ with the pound cake in his hand?”

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