It’s Now ‘Dr. Missy Elliott’ — Put Some Respek On Her Name

Posted On : May 11, 2019

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Missy Elliott — excuse us, Dr. Missy Elliott — has been a pioneer in multiple music genres ever since BEFORE her days with Timbaland. Now, she’s honored for it.

Elliott has endured the test of time regarding the music industry, and she’s produced some of the biggest names in the game — including herself.

And talk about a hell of a comeback when she bounced on the social media scene a few years ago…

Sometimes you may feel like giving up because you work so d**n hard and you still not in the place you want to be…Missy Elliott mentions during an inspirational post.

“…If its Mentally/Financially/Job/ or whatever … even if it feel like its a long time, DO NOT LOSE THE FAITH! Speak it into EXISTENCE! Most of the time, it don’t happen over night, but if you keep BELIEVING & SPEAKING it, something good will most likely come out it ‼️💯”

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