It’s Now ‘Dr. Missy Elliott’ — Put Some Respek On Her Name

Posted On : May 11, 2019

The Only Bad Part About Missy Elliott’s Acceptance…

As mentioned in the previous video’s caption, Elliott received her accommodation from Berklee College — a premier and prestigious music college in Boston, Massachusetts.

When Dr. Elliott walked up on stage — amid a standing ovation — she arrived to the podium. Well, as you see from the video above, the administrators acted as if they couldn’t tell they were putting her yoke on backward.

And they stood there, as she gave her speech, allowing with her yoke to stay on backward. YET, they put Justin Timberlake’s yoke on the right way.

It just seems like it should’ve been an easy adjustment on their part. They do this presentation twice a year with students.

How would they not know it’s on backward ……… not only backward, but UPSIDE DOWN as well??

Nevertheless, aside from that, Dr. Missy Elliott gave an inspirational speech and moved forward in excellence. In the photo below, her wardrobe situation is fixed.

Dr. Missy Elliott around loved ones.
Photo via Instagram.

So, all in all, congratulations Missy! This is an awesome day in history.