Eddie Murphy Responds To The Sudden Passing Of His Brother, Charlie Murphy

Posted On : April 12, 2017


The world seemed to stop as we learned of the sudden passing of the very funny Charlie Murphy, older brother of icon Eddie Murphy. Like Eddie, Charlie kept a smile on our faces. Eddie Murphy released a statement about his brother’s passing.

Charlie’s Laughter: 

Legendary comedian, Eddie Murphy, responds to the tragic and sudden loss of his older brother, Charlie Murphy. TMZ shared the comedian’s reaction of his brother’s death.

On behalf of his family, Eddie Murphy said the following:

Our hearts are heavy with the loss today of our son, brother, father, uncle and friend Charlie. Charlie filled our family with love and laughter and there won’t be a day that goes by that his presence will not be missed.


Feeling grateful, Eddie Murphy added a special thank you to Charlie’s millions of fans for their “outpouring of condolences and prayers.” With the sudden passing of his brother, Eddie shared that their family would never be the same.

Before Charlie Murphy was a household name, he often was seen with his brother as he worked as Eddie Murphy’s head security guard. Protecting his famous younger brother was easy for him as even before Eddie Murphy was famous, Charlie often protected him when he and Eddie were younger. In one of his interviews, Eddie shared how his brother was about that life years ago being involved in gangs and street life.

Interestingly enough, Charlie Murphy didn’t keep that job long. See why here.

Charlie Encouraged Eddie To Do Stand-Up:

The love between Eddie and Charlie was evident. If it wasn’t for Charlie Murphy encouraging his brother, we may not even know who Eddie Murphy. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Eddie shared how Charlie was the one who encouraged him to do stand up.

Eddie Murphy does excellent impressions and at the young age of 13, Charlie recognized his brother’s talent. He informed Eddie that he should go to a local gong show to do one of his impressions. Eddie Murphy took his brother’s advice and continued to advance in comedy after that.

See Eddie sharing how his brother got him started below!

Eddie Murphy loved his brother and you could tell that he was really proud of him. He shared in an interview with Variety that Charlie was his best impression. Eddie lovingly shared how he had been impersonating his brother at the age of 2 or 3. Laughing that they look so much alike, Eddie shared how he often thought of doing Charlie’s stand-up routine to fool the audience.

Indeed, Charlie Murphy began famous! Beloved by many, like his brother, Charlie was an amazing stand-up comedian. Many people knew him due to him starring on and writing for “Chappelle’s Show.” Many of his fans were looking forward to his role in “Power” as Charlie was also slated to appear on the upcoming season of “Power” on Starz.

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