Ex-Bodyguard Accuses Mariah Carey Of Sex Harassment & Racial Hate Crime, Files Lawsuit

Posted On : November 8, 2017
Mariah Carey and her then bodyguard, Michael Anello

Forty-seven year old Mariah Carey has been called many things throughout her life, from a helluva SANGER, to a straight up diva. According to her former bodyguard, Michael Anello, though, she is a racist and a boss who likes to sexually harass her beefed up bodyguard. He’s now suing her for a boatload of money.

The Sexual Harassment Claim: ‘Maaaaaarcuuuuus…’

Eartha Kitt as “Lady Eliose” and Eddie Murphy as “Marcus” in “Boomerang”

So, where do we start with these allegations? For starters, according to Page Six’s report, Anello is pretty much saying that when he was employed by Mariah, she used to get her “Lady Eloise” on. In other words, he was allegedly the “Maaaaaarcuuuuus” to Mariah’s “Lady Eloise” like in the movie, Boomerang. Get it? For further clarity here’s what Mariah’s ex-bodyguard claims:

Via PageSix: The [lawsuit] draft suit accuses the “Touch My Body” singer of performing “sexual acts with the intent that they be viewed by Anello.” Specifically Carey allegedly instructed Anello to come to her Cabo San Lucas hotel room to help her with her luggage. When he arrived, she was half-covered in a racy [see-thru] negligee, according to TMZ. When Anello tried to duck out of the room, Carey allegedly insisted that he finish moving the luggage first. There was no contact between the two.


The Racist Claims

In addition to Anello claiming Mariah was trying to get her freak on with him, he also claims she’s a racist. Here’s where his claim raised a few eyebrows: Mariah is biracial- white and black- but Anello, who is white, claims she committed racial hate crimes against him. That would mean that she racially hates half of herself as well I guess. Anyways, here’s what Anello’s lawsuit states about this:

Via TMZ: [Anello] the guy who owns the company says [Mariah] constantly humiliated him by referring to him as a Nazi, a skinhead, a KKK member and a white supremacist. […] Anello says Mariah humiliated him and his colleague by referring to them as members of the hate groups. Anello also claims Mariah “wanted to be surrounded with black guys, not white people.”

How Much $$ The Ex- Bodyguard Is Suing For

Although Mariah’s ex-bodyguard, Anello, listed both the sexual harassment and racial hate claims within his lawsuit, he and his company are actually suing for money he says Mariah stuck them for. According to Anello’s attorney, he worked as security for Mariah from June 2015 to May 2017. However he said that Mariah failed to cut him his checks for that $221,329.51 worth of work. He’s also suing for an additional $551,000, which he says Mariah promised to him for an additional 2 more years of work. However, he didn’t get to fulfill those 2 years of employment with Mariah and is therefore suing for money he was supposed to earn.

As it stands right now, Mariah’s attorney is now reportedly in settlement talks with Anello and his attorney. Well, well, well.