In Exclusive Interview Common Explains Why His Relationships With Erykah Badu And Serena Williams Failed

Posted On : May 12, 2019

When it comes to love and relationships iconic rapper Common has been linked to quite a few ladies. And though it may appear that he’s never lacking for interest from the opposite sex Common is now opening up in a new interview about why his past relationships never lasted up until now.

Addicted To Love

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Essence reports on Thursday’s episode of The Breakfast Club Common, who’s promoting his new memoir Let Love Have The Last Word, opened up about how much he enjoys being in relationships as opposed to engaging in a string of one night stands. However, he also admitted that his affections usually have a ‘sell by’ date because he could never make it past a certain point in the relationship.

“The pattern I found myself in—and my therapist broke it down—was the feeling of being in love and that honeymoon period. I was addicted to that feeling,” he told the show’s co-hosts.

“When that feeling would go away and the real part of the relationships came, I was like, ‘OK. Do I want this or not?’ I wasn’t ready to do the work,” he said.

Common clarified that he’s not a sex addict and that in each of his relationships, including two very high profile relationships with Erykah Badu and Serena Williams, he’s always cared for the woman he was seeing. However, h also went on to reveal “when things got tough and it was time to work through stuff, I wasn’t willing to work through it,”

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