In Exclusive Interview Common Explains Why His Relationships With Erykah Badu And Serena Williams Failed

Posted On : May 12, 2019

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Common has been very vocal about dealing with past traumas with the help of a therapist and he’s also crediting his therapy sessions for helping him identify what’s hindered him from being in a successful long term relationship. And it looks like the therapy is working out for him as he is now in a new romance with attorney and CNN commentator Angela Rye. In reference to both his therapy sessions and his relationship with Rye Common told Essence;

“It’s also a process and a journey to get to understanding how to be full in a relationship, and be a full and complete person as much as possible,” he said then, adding that it was “fun to have a partner who you can really enjoy and can be really friends [with].”

It looks like he’s finally addressing a ton of issues that have been holding him back for years, and being very open about seeking help from a therapist in order to do so. Perhaps his honesty will assist others who may need to do the same in order to live the best lives they possibly can. Kudos to him for continuously being an inspiration to all.

Check out the entire interview below.