In Exclusive New Interview Jackee’ Harry Reveals Painful Secret Life During Her ‘227’ Days

Posted On : June 5, 2019

Back in the 1980’s popular black sitcoms dominated our television screens providing audiences with humor, heart and whole lot of soul. And if you were around for the classic block of Saturday Night comedies on NBC then you’re familiar with the hilarious show 227, starring Academy Award winning actress Regina King and television icon Marla Gibbs. 227 is also where we were introduced to the vivacious, bubbly vixen Sandra Clark, portrayed by the beautiful Jackee’ Harry. However, though she was providing the laughs there was nothing funny about her personal life. In fact, she describes it as a very sad time that she hasn’t really spoken about, until now.

Iconic Role

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One of the most popular characters on 227 was the always flyy Sandra Clark, who grabbed everyone’s attention as soon as she entered the room. Her comedic timing was impeccable and she always knew how to deliver her lines with style.

Because of her commitment to the character Jackee’ earned an Emmy award in 1987. She actually made history that year becoming the first African American woman to win the award in the category of Best Supporting Actress In a Comedy Series.

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She eventually left the show to pursue other projects yet found it difficult to shake the strength of Sandra’s character from people’s minds. And now years later she’s admitting that she wasn’t very happy during that time because her career wasn’t going in the direction she wanted it to.

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