Faith & Stevie J Get Married? Fans Gasping Over What They Just Did

Posted On : July 18, 2018

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Ever had one of those moments that made you say, ‘Hol’ up…run that back?!!’ As in, hold down the rewind button, so we can make sure we’re seeing what we think we just saw…or heard what the hell we just heard. Welp folks, that day may be today. Just when you thought the best thing you had to look forward to was the fact that it’s almost the weekend- in steps Stevie J and Faith Evans. Did we mention they’re getting married? No? Okay, well yeah…that’s what’s up with them thus far. Shocked much? Read on…

Holy Matrimony…in Vegas

UPDATE (1:20E):

Via TMZ: It’s a wrap … Faith and Stevie have already done the deed. Multiple sources at the ceremony confirm they tied the knot in their hotel room Tuesday night … around 10:30 PM.

The hit producer-turned reality star and the platinum selling songstress will apparently be jumpin’ the broom in the very near future:

Via TMZ- Faith Evans and Stevie J are THIS close to becoming Mr. and Mrs. Jordan … TMZ’s learned they’ve applied for a marriage license in Las Vegas. According to docs, the singer and producer filed for the license in Clark County on Tuesday. The clock’s now running, they have one year to tie the knot.

That info also goes right along with this photo of them outside of the LV courthouse on Tuesday:

Stevie J. and Faith Evans outside a Las Vegas, NV courthouse on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 (via TMZ)

Now their public displays of affection in the past few days, all make sense. Stevie J and Faith tweeted ‘I love you’ messages to each other on Tuesday, but unbeknownst to everyone, they had a bigger plan ahead.

Then there’s that hot n’ heavy music video they released recently, where they’re lookin’ real comfy cozy together:

Didn’t They Break Up?

Although their quest to become Mr. and Mrs. is hella shocking, the idea of Stevie and Faith being a couple isn’t necessarily a surprise. As we previously reported, the two of them dated a few years ago, but they’d broken up soon after going public with the relationship.

Their Past Drama Filled Relationship

As soon as Stevie and Faith confirmed they were a couple in mid-2016, there were several crazy situations goin’ down in their happy coupledom- during, before, and after they went public. Below are just a few of them.
1. Stevie J. had daughter, Bonnie Bella, with his “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” cast-mate, Joseline Hernandez, on December 28, 2016. However, by January 2016, Stevie J said Joseline went into a fit of rage over how much time he was spending in the studio with Faith…then Joseline reportedly cut up and bleached $65K of his belongings. Peep the video:

2. By December 2016, just months after going public, Stevie and Faith both voiced regret for dating each other. Stevie said, “I just feel that I shouldn’t have crossed that line because once you cross that line emotions really overwhelm. Once you start dating your best friend it’s a little different.” Faith said, “You know, I’m like, ‘you know I’m not about all the craziness. If I’m going to be in a relationship, it’s gotta be a serious one. I just don’t like the drama and I think [Stevie J] might be a little bit addicted to the drama.”

3. By February 2017, they were apparently reunited, because a woman, named Liz Gaspari, blasted BOTH of them on social media. She claimed she was Stevie J’s REAL woman and that she was tired of living a public facade, tired of allegedly being harassed by Faith, and that she is too good to Stevie, too successful and too rich to be playing such games. Here’s part of what she said:
Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 9.55.00 AM

Hmmmm…if I had a word of advice to Faith, it’d be, ‘Run chile…RUN!’…but hey, if she likes it, I love it. So, the best of luck to Stevie J. and Faith Evans on their marital union.