Falsely Accused Central Park Exoneree Speaks Out Amid Major Backlash Prosecutor Now Facing

Posted On : June 2, 2019

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##CancelLindaFairstein Movement…
Linda Fairstein is gettin’ dragged online because the new Netflix film, When They See Us- documenting the details of the Central Park Five’s false conviction- features the very vital role Fairstein played in the convictions. It also exposes the mounds of uncorroborated evidence she reportedly had control of, which could have ultimately cleared the teens names at the time of their 1990 trial.

Fairstein retired from her field years ago and began a successful career as a children’s books author. Well, now that the word is out about the questionably biased moves she made in The Central Park Five’s case, there is a new #CancelLindaFairstein movement trending to boycott her and her kids books. Fans are also applying serious pressure to outlets like, Amazon and Barnes & Nobles, calling for an immediate halt of their distribution of Fairstein’s books…


Following the public outrage against Fairstein’s legal practices to falsely convict the Central Park Five teens, one of the brothas have now spoken out and he’s hella elated that the former prosecutor is finally gettin’ the karma she deserves…

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