Falsely Accused Central Park Exoneree Speaks Out Amid Major Backlash Prosecutor Now Facing

Posted On : June 2, 2019

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“When you do dirt, you can’t run…”
In a new video interview (below) with TMZ, Central Park Five exoneree, Raymond Santana, kept his views about Linda Fairstein very real. He pointed out that at the time that he and his 4 friends were arrested, “there were over 400 articles written about us in the first 2 weeks of the case,” largely painting them as proven criminals.

Therefore, Santana feels that Fairstein deserves to be boycotted and publicly bashed:

“When you do dirt, you can’t run, no matter how long it is- the truth comes out. So even if it’s 30 years later, she has to pay for HER crime. So whether it’s in the courtroom, or whether it’s socially- it is what it is.”

He also slammed Fairstein for still forcing “the same narrative,” despite the evidence proving that Central Park Five are 100% innocent of the crime:

“There was a 20/20 special on her [Fairstein] not too long ago, and she stood fast on the same narrative. So at the end of the day, there is no saying ‘I’m sorry.’ We don’t want an apology from her. But [unfortunately] she has to pay the consequence.”

Santana then recalled the ad Donald Trump ran in a media publication, calling for their execution:

“Back in 1989 when we were given these prison sentences, these sentences weren’t just sentences, we were given a social death. You know…Trump wanted to execute us, and it’s through the grace of God that we’re here today.”

Following Central Park 5’s exonerations, they sued New York City in 2003 for ‘malicious prosecution, racial discrimination, and emotional distress,’ but settled for $41 million in 2014. They also sued for an additional $52 million in damages from New York State.