Fans Crack Up After Tamar Shares Lustful Video ‘Thanking Jesus’ For Her Reportedly New Man

Posted On : July 26, 2018

Not sure how Vincent Herbert is gonna feel about this, but based on his estranged wife, Tamar Braxton’s, reactions, she couldn’t care less. Toni’s lil’ sis’ has taken to social media to ‘thank Jesus’ for the dude she is so effortlessly currently lusting over and to put that extra stank on it, she even included video of him.

(VIDEO) Tamar ‘Thanks The Lord’ For Mystery Man

Tamar posted a brief video clip online, of a shirtless dude lying down on his back, doing some type of yoga pose. Her voice can be heard giving all kinds of ‘Ooh…Thank you Jesus’ and lustful moans…LOL. Apparently, she was holding the camera, recording the brotha -who’s face she was sure to cut off- as she got her lust-on.

Tamar captioned the video post with a smiley face and a water splash emoji- presumably to indicate the moistness she seemed to have been experiencing in that moment. C’mon now, we’re all grown folks on here, so we’re not gonna act like we don’t know what Tay’ was trying to get across. Pretty sure Vince must have heard her loud and clear as well…even though he hasn’t said anything about it publicly. Anywho, back to Tamar’s mystery man, peep what Tamar posted:

Who is the brotha Tamar’s video? Well, we still don’t have the answer to that. However, we couldn’t help but notice that based on his complexion, build, and his hair, it seems to be the SAME cat she was spotted getting real up close and personal with the other day. If you missed that, check out their photos below…

When Tamar Was Spotted With Mystery Man

As we previously reported, two photos of Tamar and an unnamed brotha with locs, spontaneously surfaced online on July 15, 2018. They were spotted in public, lookin’ incredibly comfy-cozy together. Matter of fact, Tamar looked hella happy to be in that man’s presence. As you can see in the below shots, he looks a lot like the build and skin complexion of the cat she’s currently ‘thanking Jesus’ for in the aforementioned video.

Fans Confused & Happy For Tamar

Even though Tamar’s new reported mystery bae’ surprised us, here’s what didn’t take us by surprise: fans had tons of questions about the two. Many expressed confusion because Tamar and Vince were recently on vacation together, lookin’ like their theme song should have been “Make Up To Break Up” by the Stylistics. Why? Because they sure did look like they were happily on the mend during their vacay. Other fans were big upp’ing Tamar for finally moving on from Vince and their apparently toxic marriage.

Check out some of the prior fan reactions:

“These pics scream, “Boo’d Up”!! I’m here for it honey!! She minded her business look like to me. What. She supposes to stay in hiding? She can have a life. This is one of the reasons why I don’t want to be famous like tf,” wrote one fan.

Another stated, “I thought she was getting back together with Vince, guess not. She’s handling business loves! She has a whole computer in her hand! Not really cute to bring big electronics to see a boo thang at a restaurant that won’t even let you wait 5-10mins to retrieve your car. Is she divorced yet??? We don’t need Vince in the car across the street trying to stalk her.”

For the record, Tamar filed for divorce from Vince months ago, but they’re still not yet divorced. Vince made it clear, in their interview on “The View,” that he wanted to save his marriage. Tamar, on the other hand, expressed her hesitation about doing so. They’re currently living in separate homes and it seems that now, Tamar has made her final decision…I think…and that is, that she’s ready to move on.