Fans Going Off About Deion Sanders’ New Hair, After He Sent Xmas Message To Girlfriend Tracey

Posted On : December 26, 2017

NFL Hall of Fame Legend-turned-commentator-turned-reality star, Deion Sanders (50), has plenty of his fans talking right about now. He took to Instagram to pay homage to his lady of several years/Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds’ ex-wife, Tracey Edmonds (50). The message was beautiful and Tracey too, shared a touching message of her own to her man. However, although many left comments about their beautiful love, many others were clearly distracted by an elephant in the room- Deion’s new hair.

Their Loving Christmas Posts That Got Folks Talking

Before we get into why people are speaking on the brotha’s hair, let’s first talk about their beautiful Instagram messages.

Here’s what Deion wrote to Tracey on Christmas day:

Tracey came back with this message:

traceyeedmonds‪: Merry Christmas MY LOVE @deionsanders ! YOU KNOW I hate seeing you carry those suitcases out on Christmas Day. I can’t wait for the day when you don’t have to. In the meantime, thank you for the gifts of every beautiful moment we’ve shared, all of the laughs, all of the quiet times & for always holding me even when it was “your turn” 😜😘😘😘❤️!‬. Merry Christmas and LOVE to all!

Fan Reactions Were Priceless

Here’s what fans left about their love:

BUT here is also what fans left about their love for Deion’s new hairline:

Deion’s Old Hair…

June 2017: Deion’s prior hair


In case y’all missed the difference, Deion has had to rock a shaved head for many years now, due to his thinning and/or receding hairline, which is understandable. But fans are diggin’ the new and improved hairline he has now, which has him looking like the 1989 “Primetime” from back in the day.

What’s Deion’s Secret & How Can You Get It Too?

December 2017: Deion’s new hair

As y’all can see, Deion has many people asking about Deion Sander’s hair so that they, too, can try his secret. In case any of y’all are wondering what Deion’s secrets could be, no worries ILOSM fam, y’all already now we gotchu covered. Here are the two most popular secrets many celebs aren’t telling you about:
1. HAIR ILLUSION– The cheaper and equally effective route for a temporary solution. This very realistic solution made from real hair fibers and only costs about $42 bucks.

2. Hair Transplant Surgery: The permanent solution to your thinning hair needs. This surgery typically ranges between $4K to $15K.

Both methods are hella realistic and effective. They’re just different in price…thousands of dollars different. But either way, if you wanna shave off about 20+ years from your appearance, do what many celebs, like Deion, Jamie Foxx, Lebron James, and others have already done- try one of the two options above…you won’t be disappointed. And by the way ladies, BOTH methods work for you all as well. And there ya’ have it ILOSM fam’…you’re welcome. Peace.