Fantasia Gives Heart-wrenching Performance And Dedicates It To Her Brother Who Almost Died

Posted On : June 25, 2019

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ILOSM family, it’s no secret that the music we grew up on is now a bygone art…well, at least in mainstream media it is. Nevertheless, thankfully there are still a few artists who attempt to keep the old school legacy going, but honestly, most of today’s music ain’t what it used to be. The reason is probably because most artists of today lack soul (and unfortunately, some of them equally lack talent). Well, there’s one artist you can always count on to bring her A-Game every time and that artist is Fantasia. Since her American Idol debut, she has consistently offered up her music like a soul buffet, and with her recent performance during the BET Awards, she’s proven once again why she’s still a beast in the game. But her latest performance was steeped in love, after almost losing her baby brother in a motorcycle accident.

A Long Recovery

Fantasia with her brother, Xavier Barrino, who was severely injured in accident

Fantasia’s brother, Xavier Barrino, was critically injured in North Carolina, after a 2017 motorcycle crash almost took his life. Fantasia and her entire family have been there during his recovery; posting updates as Xavier learns to walk again. Last year we reported on Xavier’s progress, sharing videos from both Fantasia and brother, Ricco’s, Instagram pages. In a since deleted video, Fantasia expressed how proud she was, as Xavier stood up for the first time since the accident:

Although Xavier needed the assistance of both his mother and his physical therapist to stand up, the sheer determination and will to recover was very evident in his face at that time as well. In Fantasia’s caption, she wrote:

“My Father is Awesome 👏🏾😢 @xavierbarrino I’m so proud of you baby You never gave up the fight I TOLD YALL HE WOULD WALK AGAIN AND IM STANDING ON THAT ‘HE WILL’ Father THANK YOU 🙏🏾”

Now, almost two years later, Xavier is making even more progress and Fantasia gave an update right before she took the stage at the BET Awards on Sunday night.

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