Gayle King Gave Wendy Williams A Savage Response To Her Request For Tell-All Interview

Posted On : June 7, 2019

There is a great sense of irony attached to Wendy Williams’ current family drama. Here you have a woman so invested in other people’s problems that is now living the worse segment of Hot Topics ever.  And as her fans sympathize with her and send well wishes best believe they are watching every moment as it unfolds before their eyes. But Wendy’s no fool. She knows how to keep people wanting more, whether it be from her own struggles or somebody else’s. She is now ready to sit down and discuss what’s been going on in her life and she wants to talk with none other than powerhouse journalist Gayle King.

The Tables Have Turned

Gayle King gets results. That’s definitely proven by the way she handled the R. Kelly interview earlier this year. And her style of journalism is always professional and direct. Though Wendy is very direct no one could necessarily call her ‘professional’. True she handles her business, but she can at times be a bit over the top.

Wendy is now ready to become the subject of an interview to discuss what’s been going on in her life. And her first choice is King. However, King immediately responded and what she said honestly tells no lies whatsoever.

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