Gerald Levert’s Child Recalls Pain After Mom & Granddad Eddie Learned She Was Lesbian

Posted On : August 7, 2019

Throwback photo of Gerald Levert with daughter, Carlysia Levert [@carlysialevert Instagram]
For those of us avid Gerald Levert fans, we know all about his classic R&B hits, his late brotherĀ and Levert group member, Sean Levert, and his iconic father, Eddie Levert. It wasn’t until recently that we’ve been getting to know tidbits of info about Gerald’s children. Out of his three kids, his 28 year old daughter, Carlysia Levert, has been the most open, regarding her personal life. Today she identifies as a pan-sexual, but the self-described “daddy’s girl” recently revealed EXCLUSIVELY to I LOVE OLD SCHOOL MUSIC, exactly what happened after she came out as a lesbian to her Mother, Carlene, and her Grandpops/O’Jays singer, Eddie Levert.

Carlysia Levert [@carlysialevert Instagram]
Gerald Levert Warned Daughter About Her Sexuality At Young Age
Carlysia Levert laughed when reminiscing to ILOSM, about the warning her Pops told her as a child: “Don’t turn gay,” Gerald would randomly tell her. He’d obviously realized his daughter -a self-described “tomboy”- was a lesbian before she even truly realized it.

After Gerald Passed, There Were Only 2 People Carlysia Was Nervous To Come Out To

Carlysia tells us she was only concerned with the opinions of her Grandpa Eddie Levert (left), and mom, Carlene (2nd from left in above pic), regarding coming out. She says she cherishes their opinions and is extremely close to them both.

But Before She Was Ready, She Was Outed And Her Reality Hit Her Like A Ton Of Bricks>>>