Gerald Levert’s Child Recalls Pain After Mom & Granddad Eddie Learned She Was Lesbian

Posted On : August 7, 2019

L-R: Eddie Levert, (Carlysia’s mother); Carlysia Levert; and dad, Gerald Levert [Instagram]
“My Mom Took It Really Hard”
Carlysia told her Mom she was a lesbian at age 17 and says, “My mom took it really hard” in the beginning. Then her Grandpops, Eddie, found out and it unraveled from there.

Carlysia Levert Details What Transpired Before & After She Came Out To Family
It All Started When Her Mom Confronted Her About Being A Lesbian. Carlysia says she was stunned, when seemingly outta the blue, her Mom straight up asked her, “Are you gay?”

Gerald’s Daughter Gave A Carefully Thought Out Response To Her Mom. Not wanting to hurt her Mom, Carlysia told a half-truth. “Maybe it’s just a phase,” she replied to Moms, even though she knew she loved women and it was no phase at all. Mama Carlene struggled to come to terms with her daughter’s reality and that hurt Carlysia.

By Then, Carlysia Admitted Doing Things Behind Her Mom and Grandpops Backs

She Was Living Out Loud & Proud Without Family Knowing
By 17, Gerald’s daughter was a Spelman college student, living freely as a lesbian, without her fam’s knowledge. She was posting photos of herself with her then girlfriend online, because she was tired of hiding…yet not ready to tell her Mom, nor Grandpops.

The late Gerald Levert showing love to daughter Carlysia [Instagram]
Then Someone She Least Expected Ratted Her Out
Carlysia says her Aunt (mom’s sister) came across her lesbian social media pics and ratted her out to her Mother. Though Carlysia chuckles about that now, at that time it was no laughing matter.

Grandpapa, Eddie Levert, Was Not Happy Whatsoev’

Carlysia soon learned that Grandpa Eddie did NOT approve and she thinks it was because of his religious views.

However, Eddie never told Carlysia how he felt directly, but he did make it known to her Mom. According to Carlysia, Eddie repeatedly went off about her sexuality privately to Carlene, as he attempted to gain understanding of his grandbabies reality.

Carlysia says she was always the apple of her Grandpop’s eye and thinks that’s why he never told her directly how disappointed he was after she came out. However, he would go OFF about it to her Mother, who’d then tell her, probably hoping that would somehow change Carlysia’s sexuality.

Gerald’s Son Then Stepped In To Help: ‘My Brother Bridged The Gap’

Gerald Levert’s son, LeMicah Levert, with sister, Carlysia Levert [Facebook]
Eddie Levert is also very close to Gerald’s son, LeMicah. So Carlysia says her big bro’ stepped in to start convincing Grandpops over time, that Carlysia was still the same good hearted person and that nothing changed simply because she’s a lesbian.

Are Eddie Levert & Her Mom Okay With Carlysia’s Sexuality Today?

Fast forward to a couple of serious lesbian relationships later – Carlysia says Eddie and Mom now see that love is love and have no problem with who she is today. Her Mom even helped mend Carlysia’s broken heart, after her last breakup with her longterm girlfriend.

How Carlysia Lever Thinks Gerald Levert Would Feel About Her Sexuality Today

‘He’d Be Mad At First, But…’
Carlysia believes that if her dad, Gerald Levert, were still alive, ‘he’d be mad at first,’ after finding out she was a lesbian. But, she knows he would get over it and continue to love her unconditionally.

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