H-Town’s Dino Passed Away, But His Daughter’s Beautiful & Grown Up Now

Posted On : November 6, 2015

Remember when H-Town had the radio blowing up with their jam, “Knockin’ Da Boots?” They had everybody singing “Somebody’s rockin,’ knockin’ da boots!” When they hit the scene in 1993, “Boots” skyrocketed to number one on Billboard and folks were like ‘Dang, them boys can sing!’ Well let me rephrase that, H-Town didn’t just sing, they could really SANG (that’s right sang, with an ‘A,’ not an ‘I’- there’s a difference)! After their “Knockin’ Da Boots,’ H-Town then hit us with “Emotions” and “Part Time Lover” and that just really let folks know that these cats were the real deal. They solidified themselves as true artists to be reckoned with a added a romantic feel to Luther Campbell’s (Luke the 80’s rap group, 2 Live Crew) Luke Records. Sadly, there was some extreme heartache and tragedy ahead for the fellas from Houston, TX…

Keven “Dino” Conner was the lead singer of the group and his voice was like no other in that era. Sadly, Dino (28), his pregnant fiance’, Teysha (22), and his unborn child were killed in a car accident in 2003, but he was survived by a very beautiful daughter, who is now is approximately 20 years old and continuing her Dad’s legacy in her own way. She is gorgeous and she looks like her father’s mini-me. Check her out…

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